SCCULT (1992)

Projects Begins With SCCULT

SCCULT (1992) Ltd has established relationships with different stakeholders with the aim to improve its operations and the operations of the Savings and credit cooperative societies in Tanzania Mainland.

Establishment of SACCOS in Agricultural and

Establishment of SACCOS in Agricultural and Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) through the identified strategic crops which includes Sisal in Tanga, Cashews in Lindi, Mtwarana Ruvuma, Coffee in Kagera, Tobacco in Tabora.

Digitalization of SACCOS;

SCCULT tend to digitalize the development of Digital Modernization through the best and better Digital market and good ways to modernizing the Digital developments

Financial education.

Also SCCULT tend to establish the best ways of Training Financially and Monitoring the cooperative easy way of Developing Financial status within the SACCOS.

Strategic growth of SCCULT (1992) Ltd and its members

SCCULT makes all its members together in facilitating the unity of development and helping them in various fields of development. for all SACCOS in the country.

Development Platforms for all SACCOS in the Country

We also handle all the development forums that govern all SACCOS associations to promote productive development and direct success for its members in promoting the development of the country.