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SACCOS Brings People Together

SCCULT (1992) Ltd started in 1960”s at the time where the Cooperative movement in Tanzania was vibrant and practically the Centre to learn the practice by all African Countries.

Umbrella body for SACCOS

Act as the principal local and international representative and mouth-piece of all SACCOS in the country

Financial service

To promote the organization and development of viable SACCOS and financial service in Tanzania

What We Do

Consulting Services

SCCULT(1992)Ltd do offer the following products and services to SACCOS

Internal Auditing

Internal auditing SCCULT (1992) LTD offers Internal auditing services

Training and Capacity Building

Training and capacity building SCCULT (1992) LTD prepares training

ICT Services

ICT Services The ICT Services intends to transform the

Central Financing Facility

Central Financing Facility

Central Financing Facility SCCULT (1992) LTD provides room for

Planning, Research and Consultancy

Planning, Research and Consultancy SCCULT (1992) LTD Offers consultancy

Legal Service and Counseling

Legal service and counseling Legal Services and counseling aim

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Why it is important for SACCOS to Join and SCCULT (1992) Ltd?

It is important for all Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) in Tanzania to join
and SCCULT to be united in defending
their interests and benefit from the presence of the Main Party. Benefits of joining include:


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